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09 February 2011 @ 11:31 am
Happy new year! and new header  

Hello, Hello!  XD

I know its been a while since my last post ... like 2 years I think?
First of all I'll say a huge thanks to all who visited my journal, but a special thanks to my dear friend (who I need to say sorry for not being online so much you know its been a hard time for me with a stressful job (wich I left not so long ago ty!) but lets leave all that where it belongs ...in the past.

Anyways there are good and bad news this year.  
1) I got a new job wich is great  v(^o^)v   but thats not my real goal I want something else that's why I'll keep looking 'till I find it
2) My family and I live in a nice an cozy penthouse since ...omg I forgot 3 years???, and heck I totally hate the cleaning part m(>o<)m
3) This year we have to move out like at the beginin of March I think they haven't told us the exact date so far. Gosh I only wanna know how the heck are we going to get the bloody forniture out of there!!!
4) Well the new place its not so big not so small (thank you Lord) its nice and cozy our stuff a least fits there lol
5) I'll try to make more icons and stuff this year since I'm not as stressed as before for some weird reason I guess its a little help from above
So! I totally hope know this year will be the beginin of a new life, a new, fantastic, and bright life the one mom needs and deserves after all this years. Love you Mom!!!

Well stay tuned for more designs  till then ...


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